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Rhyme and Reason

Poetry For Your Inner Geek

by Kate Rauner

Expanded 2nd Edition!

A collection of short poems in rhyme
Inspired all by science;
Outward to the edge of time;
Or tied to earthly cadence.
Light and written all for fun,
There is no angst to hide.
You're invited now to sample one
Of my poems inside.

These poems are inspired by Richard Feynman, who said "Poets say science takes away from the beauty of the stars - mere globs of gas atoms. I too can see the stars on a desert night, and feel them. Why do the poets of today not speak of it?" I take his words as a challenge and this book collects some of my science-inspired poems.

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Reviews:Joshua Grant on Amazon wrote:

A wonderful blend of art and science!

Kate Rauner blends science and art in her poetry collection Rhyme and Reason! Rauner’s poems range from whimsical to heartfelt, and all have something to teach. I personally love poetry, but this one’s great for any science enthusiasts as well! I wasn’t sure how well science principles would blend with poetry, but Rauner pulls off the balance in a spectacular way that’s worthy of your time!

Rhyme and Reason Poetry Covers

Enjoy all three collections of Kate Rauner's poetry

About the Author

Kate Rauner writes science fiction novels and science-inspired poetry, and serves as a volunteer firefighter in rural New Mexico, USA. She's a retired engineer and now lives on the edge of the southwest's Gila National Forest with her husband, cats, and dog. She says she's well on her way to achieving her life-goal: to become an eccentric old woman.