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On Viking Seas

Forerunner Series book 3

by Jay Veloso Batista

On Viking Seas - Jay Veloso Batista - Forerunner Series
Editions:ePub - First Edition: $ 2.99
Pages: 428
Paperback - First Edition: $ 14.99
ISBN: 979-8716259171
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 400
Hardcover - First Edition: $ 19.99
ISBN: 979-8721034589
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 372

From Cornish pit mines to Jorvik back alleys, from the Mercian Court to beyond the North Sea, the Agneson clan continues their adventures across Midgard and the 9 realms: Scheming aldermen, duplicitous monks, slave drivers, dark elves, trolls, ghosts, shapeshifting witches, the legendary Norse Wild Hunt, and… a dragon!
With the fall of the Danish army at the battle of Ethandun, historical events scatter the Agneson family: Cub is enslaved in the Devonshire tin mines while Sorven stalks retribution in Jorvik; Kara is unwillingly propelled toward a convenient Saxon marriage while Karl and his crew are castaway on a mythic floating island. Separated and marooned, each is forced to tackle their challenges alone while the forerunner Thorfinn faces supernatural revenge, a battle to lift a Jarl’s curse and the release of his Jotunhiem wyrm in Midgard!
Can Cub escape his overseers in the tin pits of Devon? Can Kara evade her Saxon uncle’s plans for her marriage? Will Sorven succeed in his bloody revenge? Can Finn save a Jarl’s daughter and break a mysterious curse? Can the forerunner find and help his scattered family overcome their trials?
And what can Finn do with… a pet dragon?!?
Based on actual historical events and authentic legends, this epic fantasy follows the paths of the sons and daughters of Agne, Son of Ironfist in the Viking Era circa the year 880. Don’t miss this grand panoramic tale!

Publisher: Independently Published
Cover Artists:
Tropes: Band of Brothers/Sisters, Beyond the Grave Communication, Dark Enemy, Fellowship, Magic Talisman, Quest, Reluctant Hero
Word Count: 115000
Setting: Viking Age Europe
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters
Tropes: Band of Brothers/Sisters, Beyond the Grave Communication, Dark Enemy, Fellowship, Magic Talisman, Quest, Reluctant Hero
Word Count: 115000
Setting: Viking Age Europe
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters
Reviews:Rabia Tanveer on wrote:

On Viking Seas is the third novel in the Forerunner Series by Jay Veloso Batista. Thorfinn’s family has severe problems. Each of them has their own battles to fight and survive. Kara is forced into a marriage of convenience; Cub is enslaved in Devon; Sorven looks to exact revenge in Jorvik, and Karl and his people are trying to survive the surreal happenings on a floating island. In the midst of it all is Thorfinn as he tries to protect himself from supernatural enemies that seem to be coming from all directions. Lifting a curse was challenging enough; he now has to figure out a way to tackle the issues coming from Midgard. What will Thorfinn do? The occurrences of the past months have taken a toll on his mind. Can Thorfinn find the courage and the resilience to do his job? Was this the end of the road for his family and his clan?

As expected, author Jay Veloso Batista did an excellent job of creating a great background and atmosphere. I don’t know how he does it, but each character tells a complete story. Each of them is given proper page space to tell their story. The subplots are incredibly rich and well-woven. I think Cub is in the worst condition of all of them, but he has the resilience and courage to get out of every situation. As always, Thorfinn’s journey is far more dynamic and intricate. He has to go against his nature to break the curse, and he also has to make do with a new companion who he doesn’t understand. The narrative, the legends involved, and the character development were all on point in this novel. I highly recommend it!

Christian Sia on wrote:

On Viking Seas is the third book in the Forerunner Series by Jay Veloso Batista, an action-packed fantasy that will appeal to readers who enjoy tales of Vikings and their bloody wars. It has strong hints of history and mythology, inspired by the lives of the offspring of Agne, Son of Ironfist in the Viking Era, circa 880. After the fall of the Danish army at the battle of Ethandun, the members of the Agneson family are scattered, each facing a unique predicament. Cub is trapped and slaving in the Devonshire tin mines. Kara is coerced into a marriage by her Saxon uncle, and all she wants is to escape her fate. Sorven is out plotting vengeance on Jorvik. Karl and his crew are stranded on a floating, mysterious Island. Thorfinn, the forerunner, must deal with supernatural forces as he struggles to break a curse and save a Jarl’s daughter. Can each of these characters overcome their trials and will they be reunited again?

This is a tale of powerful men — rough, strong, and full of grit. The world in which they evolve is filled with dangers and all sorts of creatures — unscrupulous monks, deceitful aldermen, slavers, wicked elves and trolls, ghosts, shapeshifters, and a dragon. The novel is suspenseful, and the shifts from one character’s ordeal to the next just make it even more gripping. Jay Veloso Batista knows what it takes to grab and retain the attention of readers from one spellbinding chapter to the next. This is a work that will appeal strongly to fans of epic fantasy and lovers of stories with magical worlds to explore. The universe the author creates is nothing like ours and readers will have the magical experience of navigating landscapes that are similar to the creations of J.R.R. Tolkien. On Viking Seas melds magic with adventure to create a reading experience that readers will enjoy, with characters that are fleshed-out and memorable.

KC Finn on wrote:

On Viking Seas is a work of fiction in the fantasy genre and is the third book in the Forerunner series. It is suitable for all ages and was penned by author Jay Veloso Batista. Inspired by legends and myths from across European culture, the book continues the saga of the Agneson family in the aftermath of the battle of Ethandun. Between slavery, arranged marriage, the sudden acquisition of a pet dragon, shipwrecks, and a battle to break an ancient curse, the family members must overcome these trials alone unless their forerunner can find a way to bring them back together again.

One of my favorite things about this novel, and the wider series in general, is the use of unique and different mythological creatures. I really enjoyed the use of new creations alongside more well-known ones and found this an interesting twist, a feature that certainly sets the book apart from other fantasy novels in this genre. Author Jay Veloso Batista balances the gritty and darker nature of the book extremely well with the lighter and more comedic side, giving you a welcome break from the more intense scenes in the book. The author is a master at world building, making it easy for you to imagine yourself in the world alongside the characters. The characters themselves were diverse and relatable and despite the large cast, I found myself invested in each and every one of them. I would not hesitate to recommend On Viking Seas and the series to those who are fans of fantasy novels with a twist of realism.

Jose Cornelio on wrote:

On Viking Seas is the third book in the Forerunner Series by Jay Veloso Batista and the first I have read. It is a page-turning story that is packed with action, especially for a reader like me who has always been fascinated by tales of Vikings and the Norsemen. This author creates a world similar to the one in the television series Vikings, featuring characters that are not just well-developed but that espouse the Viking spirit; siblings who are separated from each other after a grueling defeat at war, each pursuing his path amidst insurmountable challenges.

They are all children of the Agneson clan: Cub is a slave toiling in the tin mines of Devonshire; the forerunner Thorfinn faces supernatural powers as he fights to lift a Jarl’s curse; Kara is being forced into a marriage she doesn’t want; Karl and his crew struggle to survive in a mysterious floating island. Sorven and Finn have their own battles to wage. Can each of them survive the ordeals and can they ever be reunited again? On Viking Seas is suspenseful and Jay Veloso Batista, a master craftsman of this action thriller, shows a perfectly fashioned understanding of the world the characters inhabit, mysterious and magical, with creatures of legend such as elves, ghosts, witches, and a dragon. There is a pervasive, dark energy that follows the characters, and each of them is molded with the grit that makes them face adversity with courage and the will to come out alive. On Viking Seas has hints of adventure, mystery, and intrigue; it is a story that is told in bold writing with characters that no one wants to leave behind. The story is packed with terrific descriptions and unrelenting action.

Kara trains to be a warrior and tries to evade her Mercian Uncle's plan to marry her to a local lord for political connections, while Thorfinn and his Uncle Karl are marooned on a mythical floating island and attacked by Odin's Wild Hunt. Sorven decides to take revenge and learns it is not what he expected, and Cub struggles as a war prisoner in the Cornish tin mines. Book three of the Forerunner Series is adult fantasy with murderous vengeance and the torture and murder of slaves.

The first three books are available as a discounted collection here.

About the Author

Jay Veloso Batista is a published author of Historical Fantasy and Supernatural Suspense, technical non-fiction, poetry and role playing games. The 2020 Wishing Shelf Book Awards has selected THORFINN AND THE WITCH's CURSE as a BRONZE Medal Winner and THE VARDOGER BOY as a Red Ribbon Winner in the Teenage Reader Category.

The Forerunner Series includes ‘Thorfinn and the Witch’s Curse,’ 'The Vardoger Boy,' 'On Viking Seas,' and coming in 2022, 'Kara, Shieldmaiden of Eire (2022).'

Jay loves history, cycling and hiking, and good craft beer! A frequent traveler for business and pleasure, Jay has visited all 50 states and all of the continents except Antarctica, and the places he has frequented support his story craft. A father and grandfather, Jay lives on the eastern Delaware shore with his wife where they can kayak, swim in the ocean and eat lots of blue fin crabs!