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Tales within Chains

Savage Heartache

by Aron Caer

Tales Within Chains - Savage Heartache - Aron Caer
Part of the Tales within Chains series:
  • Tales within Chains
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 24

The Mother Dark.

The Chained Goddess

The Serpent of Judgment


In the space between the Realm of Mortality, the Expanse of the Celestial Choir, and the Void, Shi Coils around Hir throne. Hir opelecant gaze looks not to the singing stars nor the great black ocean of lucious agony. Instead, they look to the chains that bind the Goddess to this place.


They were at first chains of sadism and dark intent. Every link forged by the Void to keep her from the love of Hir children in Mortality. Yet as she undulated within their grasp, her own sensual mind learned their construction. Now Shi is no longer a Goddess in chains, but a Goddess of chains.


Forging new links in secret, Shi imbues them with the stories of Hir many children. Hir mystical eyes look into the glowing loop of eldritch metal. The patterns of silver-blue that formed as it cooled told the story of a love triangle that defies the boundaries of normality.


A deathly howl echoes into the night, a young girl is visited in her dreams by the wolf's immortal spirit. He teaches her of his kind, the Uadeans. As she grows up, the wolf becomes more handsome to her own maturing sentiments, and she falls in love.


Yet this love was not meant for the wolf, but for his mate.


Now, years after, Jenova stands at the edge of life and death. Having earned her right to stand with the others of the pack, the woman prepares herself for the Heartsblood Rite. She must challenge one of these lycanthropic beings to ritual combat. The prize is the Heart of an Uadean and all the power that comes with it.


Jenova faces her opponent in the ritual circle, the lust of the crowd overwhelming her human senses. She has not intention of killing tonight. The heart offered as the prize is that of the she-wolf Jenova had been chosen to love...


And to bear the children she cannot.

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About the Author

Greetings and Salutations.

I am an author of what I would refer to as eccentric erotica and dark romance. I enjoy writing alternative forms of romance and sensuality. From making love to your own shadow, to a love triangle between a she-wolf, the spirit of her mate, and the woman who wishes to be her surrogate womb. I also dabble in erotic horror and fantasy, all centered around a single world of my creation.

I have had years of experience writing for others: online roleplay, online romances, and explorations into the strangeness of fetishes. All through the written word.

Now as a family man I want to use all of that sultry oddity to craft stories for others to enjoy whilst supporting my family. Every story is crafted from my experience, transformed to fit into my little world.