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The Big Cinch

by Kathy L. Brown

The Big Cinch embeds readers in a magic-laced St. Louis, once known as Mound City, home of the indigenous Americans’ Mississippian ancestors. Little evidence of their civilization survives in 1924, apart from the popular Piasa monster image, invoked to sell plows as well as ornament civic pageants.

Sean Joye, a recent Irish immigrant, tried to avoid fae attention and ignore his magical abilities since childhood. A young veteran of 1922’s Irish Civil War, he aims to atone for his assassin past and make a clean life in America.  Sean helps a wealthy, powerful, magic-dabbling family—founders of the most exclusive club in town, the Piasa Lodge--with a discreet inquiry or two. Sexually involved with a secretive, high-society flapper, he falls hard for her fiancé, a Great War flying ace with a few secrets of his own.

But Sean asks the wrong questions about a kidnapped toddler and missing Native American artifacts and becomes a suspect in his lover’s bludgeoning and a tycoon’s murder. Can he master the paranormal abilities he’s rejected for so long in time to protect the innocent and save his own skin?

Publisher: Montag Press
Cover Artists:
Tropes: Evolving Powers, Haunted House, Humanity is Dangerous, Redemption Arc, Reluctant Hero, Secret Society, Vengeful Spirit, Wise Mentor

Setting: St Louis Missouri

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters


About the Author

Kathy L. Brown lives in St. Louis, Missouri, USA and writes speculative fiction with a historical twist. Her hometown and its history inspire her fiction. When she’s not thinking about how haunted everything is, she enjoys hiking, crafts, and cooking for her family.

As a new college graduate, Kathy landed a job as a book editor, an ideal pairing of reading all day and being super-picky about small details. Those skills served her well in a subsequent (and better-paying) career as a medical researcher.

Her flagship book series is The Sean Joye Investigations, atmospheric supernatural noir stories set in the St. Louis area. The Resurrectionist and Water of Life and The Big Cinch are currently available. Kathy spent the pandemic lockdown polishing and publishing a secondary-world steampunk-tinged fantasy (with romance and wolf shifter fights!), Wolfhearted, available in e-book, paperback, and audiobook.