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The Crystal and the Nethiyaan (Virian Chronicles Book 7)

by Xanxa Symanah

Seventh of the Virian Chronicles

Does a mother always know best? Valdis believed that she was doing the best for her son, Theo, when she brought him back from the brink of death. However, the consequences were far from what she had hoped or expected. As Valdis tries to groom her son to fulfill an ancient prophecy, with the help of her husband, Odo, she discovers that Theo has his own ideas about how he wishes to live his life. When his obsession with finding his biological father overtakes him, he turns against those who have tried to help him. Can he be redeemed? Is he truly the Nethiyaan mentioned in the prophecy? Will he turn out to be the saviour of the universe or will he unleash destruction on a vast scale?

Publisher: Symanah Publishing
Tropes: Abandoned Place, Alien Artifacts, Aliens Among Us, Aliens as God, Antihero, Becoming a Monster, Chosen One, Conspiracy, Dark Enemy, Dystopian Governments, Enemy to Ally, Evolving Powers, Fallen Hero, Fish Out of Water, Found Family, Galactic Civilization, I Am Your Father, Interstellar Travel, Mad Scientist, Powerful Artifact, Prophesy, Quest, Reluctant Hero, Secret Society, Training, Wise Mentor

Setting: Fenian Galaxy, Planets Sartoria, Viria, Varathusia and Mondias

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

About the Author

Sarah Xanxa Wallace (AKA Xanxa Symanah and Xanxa Raggatt) has always been involved in creative writing. In fact, before she learned to read and write, she would make up stories, telling them to anyone who would listen, or simply reciting them to herself when she lacked an audience.

She is also a poet, having had some of her poetry published in an anthology which was brought out by a Brasilian University publishing house. Some of her poems have also featured on drug abuse awareness websites, youth club websites and other creative communities online.

Her main areas of work are epic and urban fantasy. She has written seven fantasy novels with the collective title The Virian Chronicles and is currently working on offshoot novels collectively entitled The Virian Companions and The Vyrdigaan Prophecies. She has also written one detective novel and published a collection of her dark poetry.

She is married to the home-based progressive rock musician Ian Vincent Wallace (formerly Ian Raggatt) and she wrote a novella to accompany one of his albums, The Presence, telling the story of the concept in her own words. The novella was distributed with the first batch of CDs released but is now only available in ebook format.

Besides creative writing, she has a keen interest in fantasy and science-fiction movies and TV shows, travel, languages and music.