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The Indigo Stone

by Simone Snaith

In the "Old World," a gifted race known as the Laxens evolved, bringing new creativity and innovation to a primitive world. The group lived together with people for centuries in relative peace, until the year that Eine was born and a mysterious order called the Indigo took over a thriving trade center and began to hunt down all the Laxens.

Seventeen years later, Eine -- a half-Laxen in hiding -- scrapes together a meager existence in the alleys of the once great city of Thela, where the oppressed people are terrorized by giant guards and cut off entirely from the outside world. Stoic Eine barely dreams of a different kind of existence until she stumbles across someone else hiding out: a nameless but charismatic soldier sent as a spy from a foreign city, where politicians and scholars are investigating the Indigo’s power. Together they join Noname’s fatherly companion in an escape under the Thelan walls and travel to the beautiful but aging city of Enahala, where the ruling order must decide how best to prevent the Indigo’s destruction from spreading beyond Thela.

Along the way, Eine discovers that the world holds wonders of which she’s never dreamed, including technology, legends, romance, and a power she never suspected was hers, one that will be the Indigo’s downfall.

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Reviews:on Rabbit Hole Reviews:

"the romance was done really well . . . despite being on her own all her life Eine STILL was a boss and didn't depend on others"

on Triskele Reviews / Goodreads:

"I was completely entranced with the book from the moment it started."

on Feminist Fantasy / Amazon:

"I really loved the worldbuilding & magic system, and I wish it was a series!"

About the Author

Simone Snaith is an author of Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Young Adult novels. She also sings in the Los Angeles band Turning Violet and writes for The Los Angeles Beat. Her new YA Fantasy, BETWEEN THE WATER & THE WOODS (Holiday House Books), featuring illustrations by Sara Kipin, is available wherever books are sold.