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The Jack of Shades

by Tony Farnden

The Jack of Shades - Tony Farnden
Editions:Kindle: $ 1.99
ISBN: 9780463425374

The Prince of Shadows, the Jack of Shades or just plain Jack is a naughty boy, a good boy really but naughty all the same. There's nothing he likes better than a wrong to right. Hmm . . . let's start again . . . there's nothing he likes better than a willing man or woman for that matter, willing to get down and dirty with Jack. If he can right a wrong and get laid on the side then Jack is a very happy man. I say man but then do we really know who or what Jack is? Never mind he is still one of the good guys.

Jack is a man with many shadows, many inhabitants as it were, and not all of them originating from this world. He has a problem. Part of him or is it one of him needs to go home and sort out things. It's going to be dangerous, it could be a one way trip but, what the heck, there could be a chance of getting it on with . . . . well that's to be seen.


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I woke lying naked on my bed. It was just as dawn was breaking. I turned over and found another naked man next to me. I sat up, resting on my elbow and looked him over. I could not remember who it was or how we came to be together in my bedroom. He was well muscled and . . . let’s just say I’d willingly make him breakfast but who was he? Where had I met him? What was he doing in my bed?

Such thoughts soon vanished as I noticed his . . .

About the Author

Tony is touched by fairies and he does wish they would stop poking him when he walks his dogs. Since he moved to the wilds of Wales things have got no better. Anyway he has made a tentative offer to them. He's gong to write about them, tell their stories and spread a little fae love. They are thinking about it. Tony is not sure they'll approve when they read the tales he's been telling. He's not so worried as he believes he has the dragons on his side. He rather likes dragons in all their shapes and flavours. Whether they feel the same way . . . he's sure they're fine about it.

He's not so into social media but that could change. He could write about his bees, his garden, his wine and beer making but that might imply he's quite good at it while in fact he's more often surprised than anything else when something goes right. (That's not necessarily so when it goes awry.)

Oh yeah. He sometimes writes science fiction as well as fantasy, both he hopes with some romance involved or at least some kind of action or other.