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The Satanic Gangs of New York

by Frank Schildiner

The Satanic Gangs of New York - Frank Schildiner
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 0.99
ISBN: 979-8416066222
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 287
From Frank Schildiner, an author known for delivering his own take on any genre he tackles, and his own author imprint, SCHILDINER’S WORLDS, comes a supernatural historical epic pulled from one of the most violent periods of America’s past.
“Bill the Butcher’s back. He climbed his way out of Hell itself and told the Devil to kiss his tail. The Butcher’s going to clean the streets of all the greasy foreigners and make New York a place run by good white men again.”
These words greeted Stephen Roberts upon returning to Manhattan. Though the infamous Bill “The Butcher” Poole died forty years ago, the streets were ablaze with his return. The infamous brotherhood known as the Bowery Boys were painting the streets with blood and their titanic leader appeared unkillable despite being shot in the head a dozen times.
Knowing there was more to this tale than met the eye, Stephen Roberts pitted his skills and will against the Butcher and The Satanic Gangs of New York.
THE SATANIC GANGS OF NEW YORK. From Schildiner’s Worlds and Pro Se Productions.
Featuring a haunting cover and print formatting by Antonino lo Iacono, THE SATANIC GANGS OF NEW YORK is available for 12.99 via Amazon at
This unique occult crime novel is also available on Kindle formatted by lo Iacono and Marzia Marina for $0.99 for a limited time at Kindle Unlimited Members can read this thrilling adventure for free!
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About the Author

Frank Schildiner has been a pulp fan since a friend gave him a gift of Philip Jose Farmer’s TARZAN ALIVE. Since that time he has published articles on Hellboy, the Frankenstein films, Dark Shadows and the television’s Lovecraftian links. He is a regular contributor to the fictional series TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN and has been published in SECRET AGENT X Volumes 3 and 4 and RAVENWOOD, STEPSON OF MYSTERY, THE BLACK BAT MYSTERY by Airship 27, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF THUNDER JIM and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF RICHARD KNIGHT by Pro Se Production and THE AVENGER: THE JUSTICE FILES by Moonstone.

Frank works as a martial arts instructor at Amorosi’s Mixed Martial Arts. He resides in New Jersey with his wife Gail who is his top supporter.