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The Weavers of Fair Falls

by Tony Farnden

The Weavers of Fair Falls - Tony Farnden
ISBN: 9780463441237
Size: 21.00 x 29.70 cm
Pages: 100

Kit has loved Elf for as long as he can remember. Since he first met him, when he was but a child. Elf says he loves him but will not consummate that love. How much longer can Kit wait after all he is human and death stands at his shoulder as it does with all humans.

Is this a simple love story? Can a love ever be simple? Well no, particularly when a human loves an elf and they are both male. And can anything be simple when fairies come and go as they please and can act as they please should something displease them.

What displeases them most? The spread of people not fairy for one.

This tale is one of many that result from the impact of the Fair Ones, fairies if you would prefer, on the inhabitants of the realms beyond Fairy. It came about in an attempt to answer three questions.

Are the Fair Ones fair?

Can you fall in love with someone from another race, another species, another realm?

And should that be so, can gender be an issue?

Ah well humans, as always, that is for you to decide as you seem to be the only ones with such concerns.

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Publisher: Independently Published
Tropes: Interspecies Romance, Person in Distress, Portals
Word Count: 27000
Setting: Mountains
Languages Available: English

Good day, my lady. Can I get you something to drink? Some milk? It was fresh this morning from the farm below. Or water?” asked the shepherd.

Thank you. Water would be suitable,” said the lady.

The shepherd looked back over his shoulder. “Kit, bring out the jug and the cups, the ones on the shelf, the good ones.” He turned back. “My sister’s child, my lady.”

Your sister was a weaver also?"


"Yes, my lady. The child has some talent in spinning thread so is proving to have some uses."

"And your sister? She is well?”

Dead, my lady. A fever took the village. Just the child left. The priest brought the child last church day and a litter of kittens. The child would not leave them.”

Were you close?”

Aye, we were but my work, what with the sheep as well as the weaving, has kept me here these last few years.”

I grieve with you, shepherd.”

Thank you, my lady. I find working at the loom takes me away from gloomy thoughts. I thank you for your patronage," the shepherd said. He paused in thought for a moment before continuing. "The cloth is ready, my lady.”

It is? I forgot it has been awhile since we last passed by, shepherd,” she said, a slight smile on her face.

It is as soft as you could wish, my lady. A baby could be swaddled in it and not notice,” he said with an echoing smile on his face.

Could she indeed. I will . . .” The lady paused as she noticed the small child standing nearby holding a cup brimming with water.

Ah thank you, child. I will take it within. Elf, help me down and . . .”


Look to the child. I will be awhile.” She turned back to the shepherd. “Shepherd, I would see the cats while we are within. I may have use of one.”

What do you think of that, Kit. You could not wish for a better home,” said the shepherd to the child.

The child lifted the cup to the waiting hand and said something quietly.

What is it, child?” said the fair lady, leaning down so the child could whisper in her ear. “The white kitten with the blue eyes you say. We shall see if she takes to me.”



About the Author

Tony is touched by fairies and he does wish they would stop poking him when he walks his dogs. Since he moved to the wilds of Wales things have got no better. Anyway he has made a tentative offer to them. He's gong to write about them, tell their stories and spread a little fae love. They are thinking about it. Tony is not sure they'll approve when they read the tales he's been telling. He's not so worried as he believes he has the dragons on his side. He rather likes dragons in all their shapes and flavours. Whether they feel the same way . . . he's sure they're fine about it.

He's not so into social media but that could change. He could write about his bees, his garden, his wine and beer making but that might imply he's quite good at it while in fact he's more often surprised than anything else when something goes right. (That's not necessarily so when it goes awry.)

Oh yeah. He sometimes writes science fiction as well as fantasy, both he hopes with some romance involved or at least some kind of action or other.