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What You Wished For

The Will-o'-the-Wisp Stories Book 2

by Sherry Perkins

Strange circumstances brought Morgan Patterson from the sandy beaches of the US East Coast to rocky Northern Ireland. Some called those circumstances destiny. Morgan called it something else. For her, it was just a college senior year abroad. Until, that is, her studies were interrupted when she met the man of her dreams. A man who took her by the hand, leading her into a world where promises were binding things, where nothing was as it seemed, and where wishing for something could get you more than you bargained for -- including killed. But it was also a world of enduring love, hidden treasures, and the chance to right the wrongs of long ago. What Morgan called it was her kingdom. A kingdom she was willing to die to protect.


The raven noisily flapped its wings, tucked them close to its body and began strutting toward Morgan. Its eyes were flitting between her and Tiernan.

“Away now!” Tiernan said brusquely, tossing a pebble in its direction. When it flew off, he said, “They’re messengers, yeah?”

“What?” Morgan asked.

“Messengers, ravens are. From the other side. He was bringing a message.”

“Then why did you send him away?”

“Because he’d already given you it.”

“Really? I can’t imagine what it was.”

“Yes, you can, luv. The message was you ought to talk to me. You ought come back home.”

She laughed. “I think the message was not as simple as all that.”

“Aye, I suppose it never is.” He shrugged. “So, what is it you wanted me to know?”

“To know? What are you talking about?” she asked, confused. She seemed to be confused a lot since she’d come to Northern Ireland. And met him.


“You called me here, did you not? A summons, it was. Did you not know I can still hear you calling for me? Not like I used to, because we don’t seem to have that same connection anymore. But when you want me, I can hear you. Loud and clear. So, tell me why you called me here. What do you want?”

Morgan tried to clear her mind. It was suddenly jumbled with thoughts of Tiernan, of the way he smelled like warm cinnamon and hot sex. Of all the things he wanted from her. But her thoughts were also filled with Connor Doyle, what he wanted. And why she would do anything to protect Tiernan from that.


About the Author

Indie author Sherry Perkins has a natural curiosity and love for life-long learning. When not on the beach collecting shells or sea glass, she can be found in her garden avoiding the snakes or following the Dave Matthews Band to snake-free venues on the East Coast. During a once in a lifetime visit to Northern Ireland, she was inspired to write the beginning lines to what would become the Will-o’-the-Wisp Stories. The Wisp Stories are serialized tales of well-known folklore, reimagined in a contemporary form with small town sensibility and scientific inquiry added. Books in the Wisp Stories have previously been short-listed for “best in genre” at the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Choice Awards. In addition to the Wisp Stories, she has written blended genre sci-fi thriller and romance, or cozy murder mysteries. Her books invite the reader to imagine what they might do in tough situations and challenge beliefs—because as she learned in Northern Ireland, nothing is what it seems, and you really should leave a saucer of milk with a slice of cake at the back gate every night if you want to keep in the good graces of the wee folk (and maybe banish the garden snakes).