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Word Count: 89180

Summary: Lenth grew up in a lie. Apparently there's more than five people in the world. Savage Citizens, orderly Providers, keepers of ignorance, and a damaged killer stand in the way of the world's simple truths. Four Brothers live their lives in an enclosed habitat as directed by the silent Rubberman above them. When they disobey, they get shocked. This is normal. It always has been. When a Brother dies, they learn of death. When he is replaced by someone new, they learn they are replaceable. When the ceiling above the ceiling cracks open, Lenth plans a journey beyond the known universe: A third floor. Up.

Rubbermans' Cage - Joseph Picard
Rubberman's Cage

Joseph Picard ...

October 7, 2014

Word Count: 92782

Summary: A story of oppression and loss, of uprising and joys. Rubberman's Citizens pushes through grim tyranny with the courage, compassion, and humour of those forced to fight troubled times. In Citizenry, Leena knew cruelty was normal. Order was kept by Warren, through intimidation and abuse. Normal meant deliveries from above, supplies from the great, unknowable, Actual. Normal meant hating the lessers who live below. Normal meant routine public degradation. Normal meant hearing screams, and knowing no one dared help. Normal was knowing that tomorrow, it could be your own screams being ignored. Leena found a way to help. Leena found a chance. Leena discovered revolution.  

Rubbermans' Citizens - Joseph Picard
Rubberman's Citizens

Joseph Picard ...

February 7, 2018