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Martin Lochman

Martin is a Czech science fiction author currently residing and working in Malta. To date, he has published over four dozen short stories in a variety of venues, including New Myths, Kzine, Theme of Absence, XB-1, and others. His debut anthology "All Quiet in the Milky Way: Ray M. Holler’s Adventures vol. 1" will be out in December 2023.

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Word Count: 70000

Summary: Ray M. Holler is an interstellar shipping freelancer, expert smuggler, and an occasional thief with a troubled past which means that his life is far from the boring, mundane exploits of your average denizen of the Orion-Sagittarius Union, a political alliance of intelligent species inhabiting the Milky Way galaxy. In fact, more often than not, he finds himself up to his neck in situations that require wit, courage, and a decent amount of luck to maneuver out of in one piece. Throughout his adventures in a universe where a safe, peaceful life is possible but not guaranteed, Ray gets to meet a variety of interesting individuals, make new friends, reunite with old acquaintances, and maybe—just maybe—face his own demons. All Quiet In the Milky Way: Ray M. Holler’s Adventures vol. 1 brings forth five stories, accompanied by an equal amount of side vignettes. This collection will take you on an exciting journey to remote worlds that, in some aspects, may not be all that dissimilar from the one we live in today.

All Quiet in the Milky Way - Martin Lochman - R.M. Holler's Adventures
All Quiet in the Milky Way