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Mike Karpa

Mike was once a woodworker in a makerspace and knows how semiconductors are made. His more recent fiction, memoir and metafiction can be found in Tin House, Foglifter, Oyster River Pages, Tahoma Literary Review, and other magazines. He lived in Asia for eight years in the early part of his life but lives now in San Francisco with his husband and dog. Red Dot is Mike’s second book, after Criminals (2021) but before The Wealthy Whites of Williamsburg (2022), and is the first in a planned trilogy. The draft of sequel Green Dot was finished summer 2023.

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Word Count: 77500

Summary: After the disaster of global warming, the world has gotten its act together. People are positive, sensible, and intent on creating a better future and a just present. And it’s working! So, in a world where everyone makes good decisions, what could possibly go wrong? Well, other people. Mardy is a 26-year old gay man who dreams of being a full-time machine-tool artist. He brims with ideas, puts in the hours, and has a solid circle of friends—both fellow artists and the artificial intelligences he works with. But he’s always coming in second to another machine-tool artist at his makerspace. He’s dealing with that, thanks to the highly effective psychotherapy of the future, but then he meets his irritatingly successful rival’s twin—and falls for him hard. Consequences ensue, and fast, driving Mardy not just to pursue his artistic dreams, but to try to liberate his AI friends from servitude, and find love in the process.

Red Dot - Michael Karpa
Red Dot