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Seth Halleway

Seth Halleway is an Australian-American sci-fi author. Formerly a resident of Chicago, he's enjoyed stints as a linguist, a teacher, and an explorer - not necessarily in that order. A lover of all great movies and music of the 1980s, when he isn't indulging in fits of nostalgia he's either writing or playing video games, sometimes trying to do both at the same time.

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Summary: After centuries of warfare, a world of conquerors has at last defeated their enemies and destroyed their god-like creators. With their society now teetering on collapse and an aging ruler close to death, two young scions from legendary imperial families contend to take control. One has a progressive vision for changing their world by integrating their former enemies. The other has a darker plan that calls for the expulsion and extermination of those who once opposed them. Only one can succeed, and their struggle to destroy each other may be the spark that burns their empire to ashes.

Fable's End - Seth Halleway
Fable's End