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sci fi – greenpunk

Sci fi stories that involve individuals using and being affected by the use of do-it-youeself renewable resources, recycling and repurposing.. Return to general Sci Fi

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Word Count: 60000

Summary:   Ian McDonald is trying very hard not to think about how the world might be going to hell in a handbag. After all, what’s he going to be able to do about it? He’s just this guy, stuck in a small town, pinned there by a load of student debt and a stalled writing career. Oh, and a wicked case of writer’s block. Or at least he was, until a dragon showed up in his bedroom. At midnight. Quoting Freud and muttering about the space-time continuum. So of course, Ian must Make a Choice and decide whether he wants to follow the dragon back into the Connectome and find his muse again, or stay in a house that surely wants to kill him, one repair bill at a time. And maybe, just maybe, he might find out that some things are worth fighting for. Even if all you have is a can opener.

Pundragon - Chandra K. Clarke

Word Count: 75000

Summary:   In the groove. In the zone. A period of intense focus and high performance that feels effortless. Flow. When Kel invents a device to produce the mysterious state of ‘flow’ on demand, she hopes to unleash humanity's creative potential. But the prototype can also be used to record other mind-body states. Her device is stolen and used for a range of causes, some good... and some very bad. As Kel struggles to regain control of her device, it threatens to destroy her legacy and shatter lives around the world... until all uses of the tech converge on the most unexpected and unintended consequence of all.

Echoes of Another - C.K. Clarke
Echoes of Another

Word Count: Information not available

Summary: Information not available

Heretics - V.S. Holmes - Stars Edge Nel Bently

Word Count: 77200

Summary: Earth on the Cusp of the Twenty-Second Century Just think how the world has changed in the last seventy-six years. In 1948, scientists ran the first computer program, and "the Ultimate Car of the Future," the futuristic, three wheeled Davis Divan, debuted. Since then, a succession of inventions—the personal computer, the internet, the World Wide Web, smart phones and social media—have transformed every aspect of our lives. How might the next seventy-six years change us, in ways we can barely even begin to imagine, as culture, climate change, politics and technology continue to reshape the world? Earth in 2100 will be as unrecognizable to us as today would be to someone from 1948. Eighteen writers tackled this challenge, creating an amazing array of sci-fi possibilities. From emotional AI's to photosynthetic children, from virtual worlds to a post-urban society, our writers serve up compelling slices of life from an Earth that's just around the corner. So dive in and and take a wild ride into these amazing visions of our collective future.

Earth 2100
Earth 2100
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