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The Books of the Cuari Series

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Word Count: 126000

Summary: Not her world. Not her body. All her problems. When monstrous hounds chase Jenna Reilly into a ditch outside LA, she finds herself thrown into a world far stranger than Los Angeles -- and trapped in a body that isn't her own. The inhuman man who rescues her has been hunting monsters, and finding Jenna is a clue to a coming apocalypse. Forces of a lost evil from the past are coming back to reclaim their land. Over the centuries, a select group of people had been in place to stop that from ever happening. One of these was the woman whose body Jenna had been slammed into. Unfortunately, the body’s previous owner had been brutally mind-sacrificed by the followers of the dark gods, leaving Jenna with no knowledge of how she was to stop the coming slaughter of the world she was now in. The uncontrolled magical powers that are growing inside her could save this world, or seal its fate in brutality and horror. A brutality that will branch back to Earth after it destroys this world.

Essence of Chaos - Marie Andreas - Books of the Curai
Essence of Chaos

Word Count: 133800

Summary: Strange magics plucked Jenna from Earth to a new world and a new body. But now darker forces threaten the new life she’s come to love. She risked everything to defend her kingdom and friends, struggling to channel chaotic Power to defeat a demonspawn king. They won that fight, but the war was only beginning. Now, one by one, the neighboring kingdoms are falling silent, under attack from monsters that shouldn’t exist and from within their own people. The cuari who protect and guide this world have suddenly vanished, and the chaotic plane—the source of all magic—is failing. Jenna is in the body of a Guardian, channeling the voice of a long-lost god, and tasked with averting the coming apocalypse, but this time, magic and destiny might not save the day. Separated from Prince Corin—Storm, who she might love if she had a free moment—and seeking a missing magic book, she’ll be hunted by deadly enemies and haunted by visions of what will happen if she fails while her friends are pushed the limits of their bravery and hope. If she can’t figure out how to end the attacks, free the cuari, and save the chaotic plane, this world will fall—and so will all the others.

Division of Chaos - Marie Andreas - Books of the Curai
Division of Chaos

Word Count: Information not available

Summary: Jenna, Storm, Ghortin, and the rest of the people Jenna holds dear in this new world face a war that will shake the pillars of the Universe and beyond. Join in the explosive conclusion of the Books of the Cuari trilogy!

Destruction of Chaos - Marie Andreas - Books of the Curai
Destruction of Chaos