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Writer Fuel: Astronomers Find Six Planets “Waltzing” in Perfect Harmony

An illustration of the six planets of HD 110067 showing their orbital resonances. (Image credit: hibaut Roger, NCCR Planets)

Astronomers have discovered a remarkable star system with six planets unlike any in our solar system. According to new research, all six planets orbit the same star in resonance with each other, following an unwavering rhythm that has lasted billions of years.

Because of this peculiar resonance, the outermost planet in the system completes one full orbit of its star in the same time it takes the innermost planet to complete six orbits. The remaining four planets follow similar rhythmic patterns, moving in what the researchers call a precise cosmic “waltz.”

Details about the peculiar system, named HD 110067, were published Nov. 29 in the journal Nature.

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