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A Vampire’s Heart

by Kayleigh Sky

A Vampire's Heart - Kayleigh Sky - Ellowyn Found
Part of the Ellowyn Found series:

Vampires live.

And they hunger…

Otto Jones, a cop assigned to the seemingly random murder of a vampire, would rather hide out in the nearest bar than waste his time on a dead vamp. He hates the bloodthirsty demons. But when the king of the vampires commands him to work with one of the lesser princes and find the killer, he has no choice.

Prince Jessamine Senera is ready to sacrifice his happiness in a loveless marriage for his family’s benefit… but not yet. He dreams of adventure, excitement, and true love. He lives on romance novels and detective stories and wishes he could drink synthetic blood like every other vampire. But he can’t. He needs human blood to survive and is hated by vampires and humans alike.

As Otto and Jessa draw closer to an entity that doesn’t want to be discovered, Otto finds the heart he thought long dead opening to the romance-loving Jessa. No good can possibly come from falling in love with a vampire, but when a shadowy assailant attacks Jessa, Otto will descend into the darkest pit of the earth to rescue him.

If you like vampires, mythical and urban settings, intense suspense, and happy ever after, then you’ll love this first book in the dark and mysterious Ellowyn Found trilogy!

A Vampire’s Heart is a stand-alone paranormal dystopian noir romance with a satisfying conclusion to the love story and a central mystery that weaves the trilogy together.

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Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

Her take on vamps was one I've not read before. Humans destroying the earth (go figure lol) which in turned destroys the vampires, making them co-mingle after the war. The synthetic blood isn't new, but allergies to it is, and the idea of "drainers", which one of our heroes happens to be.

I loved that Jessa, or Jess to Otto, was huge into his romance novels. It's unfortunate how he got into them, but the idea of him hanging onto them in hopes he may have that one day is sweet. He may be vampire, but he's also half human.

Otto is a gruff and somewhat mean human character, but he's only that way to the right people. The way he handles Jessa through the story paints him in a totally different light.

This is a story of a murder mystery that turns into so much more and I can't wait to see where it leads.


A Vampire’s Heart gives us a bit of an alternate take on the vampire mythology, not sticking to the stereotypes and opening up a different path for this series. One of the strengths of this book is the depth of its characters—both main and supporting ones—which for me resulted in getting hooked enough to want to see where the author is going to take things from here.

Otto comes across as rough, sullen and jaded, and for much of the story it was difficult for me to see how he would change his attitude to make the romance part actually work. His seemingly unwavering opinion of vampires—and drainers in particular—made for a pretty high hurdle to overcome. Jessa is his complete opposite, presenting as fragile, soft, and a romantic at heart…though don’t let that fool you as he’s capable of more than you might think given first impressions. Once they do get together, it feels mostly like a physical connection with a very slow build to something deeper. They certainly have the physical chemistry!

There’s a case with the apparent murder of a vampire that isn’t clear-cut at all, and all that seems to keep coming up are more and more questions. When you think you might have figured things out…well, you probably haven’t. And while you’ll get resolution for Otto and Jessa’s story, this is just the beginning; if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself captivated by the ending and wanting to see what comes next.

About the Author

Kayleigh Sky is an m/m romance writer of complex stories of love and redemption that always end in happily ever after. Love matters, and everyone counts.