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A Vampire’s Honor

by Kayleigh Sky

A Vampire's Honor - Kayleigh Sky - Ellowyn Found
Part of the Ellowyn Found series:

Years ago, the true king of the vampires sacrificed his throne and his fated love for the common good. But it wasn’t enough…

Rune knows the Adini Treasure is real, and he wants it. With the treasure, he’ll have the power to crush his enemy—the Adi ’el Lumi—forever.

Isaac longs for love but is sick of waiting for it.  When he witnesses the murder of a strange vampire with an even stranger map, he isn’t sure what he’s found. But he isn’t letting it go. Not even for the swoon-worthy vampire prince who comes to claim it.

When a witch’s calling card leads Rune to a snarky vampire with secrets and a sassy human with a treasure map, he takes them on a perilous hunt into the forgotten vampire cities. His worst fears and darkest desires await him. With everything at stake, he’ll have only one chance to either fulfill his destiny… or save Isaac, his fated love.

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Isaac spread his fingers. The lamplight glowed like a golden-red halo around him. Tousled curls like the humans’ version of a cherub. The shadow of a man’s bones floated under the remains of baby fat. It appeared beneath Isaac’s skin like the images that formed in burning glass. Images of things that didn’t exist until Rune made them. Had his statue shattered? Coming here was a bad idea. The certainty of it hit him in the chest with a shivery chill, and he gritted his teeth against it. Love isn’t for you.

Isaac took a shaky breath. “You’re Rune, for real?”

He inclined his head, his gaze blurring. Maybe he was a dream. Wouldn’t that be strange? Only alive in Isaac’s imagination. The thought was so bizarre, his head swam. It had taken too much out of him to come here. He wasn’t thinking clearly. He needed… blood.


Warm… spicy like sage and cinnamon. He let his hair fall over his face and hide the shadows under the sunken eyes he’d seen in the mirror.

“Are you hurt?” Isaac asked.

He looked up, a smile tugging at his lips. “I just need to sleep.”

“Why aren’t you?”

“I told you. You called me.”

Isaac choked on a laugh. “Now you’re here?”

The human’s anger stole Rune’s smile.

“I wasn’t sure you felt it.”

“That we’re connected? Of course, I felt it. I felt you. You were the fog in the room with me when Mr. Wrythin was killed. You told me to feed Mal. You called to me. Of course, I felt you, and then you ignored me.”

“No. No, I didn’t.” He wiped his mouth with a shaky hand. Why was he here? The last time he’d seen Isaac he was stroking the arm of Rune’s statue. That was special, he’d said, because it had been the embodiment of everything he’d felt for a fated he hadn’t even met yet. He was so damn lonely, but nothing had changed. Qudim was still dead. The Adi ’el Lumi still hunted him. Otto still suspected him of murders Rune cursed himself for because he hadn’t been able to stop them. The Adi were always ahead of him, and the treasure… It still eluded him. It didn’t matter how tired he was. The only chance he had to redeem himself lay ahead. “I’m here now, but I’m not free.”

“At least you’re alive.”

“What does that mean?”

Isaac’s jaw clenched. He shook his head and balled his fists in his bedcovers.

Rune dragged the tip of his finger across Isaac’s white knuckles. A gasp escaped the human’s lips.

“What happened?”

Isaac’s throat bobbed. “Marcus… He was the cook here. He died today.”

“Was he sick?”

Isaac shook his head. “No. He was teaching me to cook.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, me too.”

All this way. Away from Baggins and Thomas Mithrinin and whatever it was Thomas had in his possession, and there was nothing Rune could do. This was why he’d stayed away. He had little comfort to give and no promises to offer. “I wish I could help.”

Isaac glared at him. “I left Jessa for you. You called me.”

“Not to come to me. You were safe where you were. I wanted you to wait.”

“And you expected me to do that?”

He bit back a “Well, that would have been nice,” and said, “I didn’t have a choice. I didn’t leave because I wanted to. I wouldn’t be here now, except—”

“Yeah, yeah, I called you.” Isaac sneered. The expression looked strange on him. Not uncomfortable but not familiar either. It didn’t appear honest, but more like a mask he wore because sometimes he had to. “Sorry to burst your hero bubble, but I’m not alone, and I’m good at taking care of myself. I owe you, I know—”

“You don’t owe me. You saved Jessa.”

“Well, you don’t owe me either.”

Rune smiled again. “Glad we cleared that up.”

“You aren’t here for good, I can tell, so you shouldn’t be here at all.”

He rested his palm on the bed and leaned closer. “I was eighteen when I first heard your voice. I didn’t ignore you, but yes, I pretended I didn’t hear it. You can pretend too if you want, but it changes nothing. Fate isn’t ours to call.”

“Or answer.”

Rune locked his gaze on Isaac’s. Green. His eyes were green. Like a mix of moss and jade. His nostrils flared, his long lips pulled into a line. He’d had it easier than many, harder than others. But whose life was good anymore? And how much worse could it get if Rune ignored the Adi. He was more than a prince. He was the prince who was supposed to be king.

Reviews:Amazon reviewer wrote:

“Amazing from start to finish and extremely unique… This is an epic adventure with a hot couple like Rune and Isaac that you can’t get enough of…”

Amazon reviewer wrote:

“Amazing, compelling, complex, soul touching conclusion to this amazing trilogy… Rune and Isaac really are such incredibly memorable characters that their strength, honor, passion, commitment and connection will stay with me for a long time…”

Amazon reviewer wrote:

“This was one hell of a fantastic, incredible, grab-you-by-the-feels, action-packed, amazing, exciting, smoking hot, intense, and totally awesome end to a marvelous series…”

Amazon reviewer wrote:

“Kept getting better and better… Vampire’s Honor was the perfect title for Rune and Isaac’s drama laden love story… This story so exceeded my expectations with its portrayal of love in all its diverse forms (lovers, familial, pets, honor, sacrifice, humanity, and Ellowyn)…”

Amazon reviewer wrote:

“I truly hope we get more books in this world as it is incredible…”

About the Author

Kayleigh Sky is an m/m romance writer of complex stories of love and redemption that always end in happily ever after. Love matters, and everyone counts.