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Air Song

by Tony Farnden

Air Song - Tony Farden
ISBN: 9781005888220
Pages: 182

There are worlds out there with a past. A past that is only poorly understood. The Song worlds are in that category. What are they? Why are they? What do they tell us about the rest of us? Should we investigate them or should we avoid them? What if our world was visited by the Song? Maybe that is not strong enough. What if ours is the result of a visitation by the Song. More to the point, what if they achieved what they wanted with us? What if it all went wrong?

What category does the world of Forest come under? The inhabitants there only number a few thousand and they face numerous perils. Were they ever visited by the Song? Shanlee the story teller has been given the world to investigate. What is she in for? She has other things on her mind. She left the love of her life behind when she took this investigation on. Will she be waiting for her when Shanlee returns home? If she returns home?

The people of Forest, the Kekimelu, have been deserted by their spirits but have not lost their beliefs. A young song writer decides he is going to ask the Song's representative on Forest some hard questions. The answers he gets may not be what he hopes for.


The youth looked up from his notebook, listening for a moment to the sound of children singing coming up from music nest three branches down. A memory came flooding back to him.

He is sitting with his classmates. Rana, his tutor, is sitting cross legged before them.

This is a fragment of a summoning song, just a few bars, all that remains. It’s something that all of us must learn in case we ever need to call the spirits for help. It is part of our oral history and is never written down. I think you will know why when you hear it.”


She begins to sing.

He put down his pencil and picked up his lyre. He retuned it. He played a few notes and then paused. He hummed the tune and then replayed it adding a few notes, playing around with it, extending it. He stopped again, a frown on his face, thinking. A smile formed on his face and he began to play again. The room suddenly darkened and a breeze began to ruffle his crest ….

He is climbing a forest tree, a shadowy figure beckons him towards an opening in the canopy. He peers out through the leaves onto a vast clearing. A soaring building is bathed in light at the centre. A hand touches his shoulder. He turns his head. A beautiful young woman is perched on the branch next to him. “That is where you must go. Do this thing for me and we shall be together forever.”



About the Author

Tony is touched by fairies and he does wish they would stop poking him when he walks his dogs. Since he moved to the wilds of Wales things have got no better. Anyway he has made a tentative offer to them. He's gong to write about them, tell their stories and spread a little fae love. They are thinking about it. Tony is not sure they'll approve when they read the tales he's been telling. He's not so worried as he believes he has the dragons on his side. He rather likes dragons in all their shapes and flavours. Whether they feel the same way . . . he's sure they're fine about it.

He's not so into social media but that could change. He could write about his bees, his garden, his wine and beer making but that might imply he's quite good at it while in fact he's more often surprised than anything else when something goes right. (That's not necessarily so when it goes awry.)

Oh yeah. He sometimes writes science fiction as well as fantasy, both he hopes with some romance involved or at least some kind of action or other.