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Barons of Oartheca

Book Two of the Oarthecan Star Saga

by James Siewert

Barons of Oartheca - James Siewert
Part of the Oarthecan Star Saga series:
Editions:ePub - First: $ 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-7776384-3-6
Size: 0.00 x 0.00 in
Pages: 368
Paperback - First: $ 20.99
ISBN: 978-1-7776384-2-9
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 368

A secret revealed. A plot within a plot. A battle to reunite.

"Author James Siewert has certainly breathed new life into science fiction with this superb and spicy work." - K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite Reviews

Headed in opposite galactic directions, Rowland Hale and Toar Grithrawrscion must find a way to reunite despite the myriad of challenges dogging their every step. An unwelcome surprise finds Rowland picking up the pieces of what he thought was his life, and Toar learns the hard way that the Pryok’tel always settle the score.

Can their blossoming relationship survive, or will it be torn to bits between needle-sharp teeth?

In Barons of Oartheca, the exciting sequel to the one-of-a-kind adventure Allure of Oartheca, James Siewert plunges our two heroes into an epic fight for survival with adversaries both old and new, and asks the question, ‘Is family those you love, or those you trust … with your life?’

Advisory: this book contains scenes of explicit male/male romance, sex and sexuality, and is recommended only for readers ages 18+.

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Reviews:Matt Lebois on Readers' Favorite wrote:

Barons of Oartheca is an ambitious genre-blending space adventure, the second book in James Siewert's Oarthecan Star Saga, and the merest taste of it will compel you to seek out the first book with haste.

It launches into action at lightspeed with a vicious alien assault and kidnapping of the first main character: Toar, one of the bear-like humanoid race of Oarthecans who will fascinate readers on this journey. Toar's main goal is protecting and rescuing the titular Barons, the physically weaker breeding-class members of this all-male race, from the dominating Pryok'tel and other extraterrestrial hazards. Meanwhile, Rowland Hale, human rogue space captain and cybernetic hacker, risks interstellar warfare as he leads his crew on his own perilous mission to rescue Toar, the man-bear he loves against all odds.

I was continually entranced by the well-thought-out complexities of Oarthecan society, a mammalian eusocial race with a rich culture guided by its biology, history, and spirituality, and how these factors interacted with the impossible romance between Rowland and Toar. I loved the intelligent design that went into crafting every species, technology, and character to create a believable, living universe. The detailed and cohesive science fiction elements are balanced so well with the honest, heartfelt, and hot M/M xeno-romance that the book is utterly unique. Both sides of this genre mashup are treated with utter seriousness without ever losing sight of the fun, joy, and hope inherent in each. James Siewert's Barons of Oartheca is a smart solarpunk explicit romance; it's a deep alien ethnographic study wrapped in a rollicking space adventure; it's a shining example of authentic and hopeful sci-fi for open-minded modern readers.

K.C. Finn on Readers's Favorite wrote:

Barons of Oartheca is a work of fiction in the adventure, science fiction, and LGBTQ+ subgenres, and forms the second installment of the Oarthecan Star Saga. It is intended for mature readers owing to explicit sexual content and was penned by author James Siewert. In this romantic space adventure with plenty of thrills and heat, we find our central couple Rowland Hale and Toar Grithrawrscion torn apart by duties that take them to different parts of the galaxy. Burning to reunite with one another, these two intrepid figures must battle external forces and their own inner turmoil in order to find each other, and find happiness once again.

I’m a huge fan of LGBTQ+ fiction, especially when it tackles a genre where there isn’t usually much representation, and author James Siewert has certainly breathed new life into science fiction with this superb and spicy work. Toar and Rowland were realistically portrayed characters, and I loved seeing their relationship grow and shift as it was put to the test by the many unexpected and thrilling twists of the plot. I also really enjoyed the smoothness of the dialogue, which felt appropriately cinematic in the big ‘wow’ moments of the story but was also sensitive and empathetic during the more intimate and quieter emotional scenes. Overall, I would certainly recommend Barons of Oartheca to fans of the series so far, and James Siewert as a fantastic M/M romance and adventure author for readers seeking something original, exciting, and representative in the science fiction genre.

About the Author

James and his husband live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Part-time office drone, part-time storyteller, full-time sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast (and some spooky ghost tales), James couldn't find enough stories involving guys like him and his hubby are: big men with big hearts, full of big ideas!

Taking matters into his own hand, James seeks to share high adventure, low-angst stories where the heroes are solid blokes who take centre stage. Come join the adventure and explore bold new worlds full of authentic characters, gripping scenes, lush imagination and a touch of mushy stuff - there's a whole galaxy waiting for you to discover!