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Falling from Grace, & Others

by Mark Iles

Falling from Grace & others - Mark Iles
Editions:Kindle: £ 1.49
Pages: 72

Here you’ll find tales of the supernatural, betrayal and murder; the mistakes that lead to the fall of empires and the constant tug of war that haunts mankind. There’s a blend of science fiction, fantasy and horror - from a modern day detective facing a serial killer to a future utopia filled with disloyalty. Lovers of romance will find a little something for them too, but within these bright sparks of hope shades of darkness lurk.

About the Author

Born in Slough, October 1957, Mark Iles joined the Royal Navy when he was 17. Having served all over the world Mark started writing in 1982. He holds a Masters in Professional Writing, plus Diplomas in both Copywriting and Proofreading.

Mark's three novels in 'The Darkening Stars' series have all seen publication, with 'A Pride of Lions' released in 2013, 'The Cull of Lions' in 2014 and the third novel in the series, 'Roar of Lions' in 2017. A collection of short stories, 'Falling From Grace & Others' and several novellas have also been published. Currently Mark's working on a further collection of short tales and two new novels.

While his fiction tends to vary occasionally it generally remains entrenched in SF, Fantasy and Horror. His tales have appeared in the pages of Back Brain Recluse, Dream, New Moon, Auguries, Haunts,, Screaming Dreams, Write to Fight, Escape Velocity and Monk Punk.

Mark's non-fiction work includes copywriting and features, such as interviews and 'how to' articles. These have been published in Combat, Fighters, Taekwondo Times, Martial Arts Illustrated, Taekwondo & Korean Martial arts, Junk (Hong Kong), Totally Taekwondo, and