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Rebel Without A Bra

A Sc Fi Comedy Where Women Wield The Whip

by Kerrie Noor

Planet Hy Man is in turmoil. Its’ leader lost on earth. Will Mex rise to the challenge or fade faster than her hair dye?

Mex is heading for the Edinburgh Festival in search of planet Hy Man’s lost energy. A feat made near impossible considering her arch-rival has taken over Planet Hy man’s “operations room” along with every high- tech spying equipment going.

Led down the road of false leads by her `arch rival” Mex hooks up with a troupe of performing transvestites, delves into the seedier side of the festival and discovers gin. Saving Planet Hy Man could not be further from her mind if she was comatose until that is her personnel robot Pete finds her.

Will Pete convince Mex to sober up and save their planet or will Mex stick with the padded bras and all who wear them?

Rebel Without A Bra is the quirky second book in the Planet Hy Man science fiction comedy series. If you like high-mileage heroines, fast-paced satire, and meticulously crafted universes, then you’ll love Kerrie Noor’s otherworldly farce. 

Reviews:Viv Dobbie on goodreads wrote:

Kerrie's trilogy is a cross between Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Alice in Wonderland and Red Dwarf. It is wonderfully quirky, with great dialogue and some laugh-out-loud moments. Her characters are not your average heroes and heroines. She writes about very ordinary types - all ages, shapes, sizes and fashion-sense - which ultimately aids her comedic vision. You have to keep your wits about you to follow the story but it's worth it. There is a handy glossary of characters and terms at the beginning and all of her creations are highly inventive and hilarious. Kerrie doesn't write like anyone else I know and it's easy to imagine her stories on the small screen. In fact, I'm rather hoping someone from that media source will come across her work and see its potential.

About the Author

Kerrie Noor was born in Melbourne Australia but has spent most of her adult life in Scotland.

She has in the past been a regular on Community Radio, taught and performed Belly dancing, ‘done’ a little stand up, performed as a story teller and appeared at the Edinburgh Festival. She has had one radio script performed on BBC Scotland and has been short listed for the Ashram short story award.

She writes both Sci fi comedy and romantic comedy with, as she puts it, full bodied characters and a twist at the end.