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Rebel Without A Clue

A Sci Fi Comedy Where Women Rule

by Kerrie Noor

Rebel Without a Clue - Kerrie Noor - Planey Hy Man
Editions:Paperback - 1
ISBN: 978-1981780761
Pages: 234
Audiobook - 1
ISBN: 9781987183887
Kindle - 1
Pages: 234
ePub - 1
ISBN: 9781386977186

Planet Hy Man; where women rule and men obey. But will girl power survive when the energy runs out?

Mex is ready to hang up her catsuit. With her flashiest heroics decades behind her, she is all set to put her feet up and watch the galaxy pass by.  But when she is ordered to save Planet Hy Man or kiss her pension goodbye, she has no choice but to don her leathers and head to Scotland. 

With a collapsable whip, and no idea what the Scot’s are saying, let alone what a latte is, Mex combs Glasgow. Confused, disoriented, and with a growing love for vodka, she discovers her leader has not only lied, but toppled from power.

Mex has only one way home, and it’s in the hands of an old fella as elusive as the proverbial misplaced car keys. Will Mex find him in time and, if she does, will he be too Scottish to understand?

Rebel Without A Clue is the quirky first book in the Planet Hy Man science fiction comedy series. If you like high-mileage heroines, fast-paced satire, and meticulously crafted universes, then you’ll love Kerrie Noor’s otherworldly farce.


Cover Artists:
Tropes: Bad Robot, Band of Misfits, Cross-Species Friendships, Fallen Hero, First Contact, Fish Out of Water, Good Robots, Here Comes the Cavalry, Library of Secrets, Superpowers

Setting: planet, and Scotland

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

Reviews:Helen Callahan on Book Bub wrote:

Rebel Without a Clue is book 1in author Kerrie Noor's newest series. "A Sc fi, chick lit comedy about the battle of the sexes"...with a huge sardonic twist. Kerrie Noor writes with an 'oh no she didn't' humor. Planet Hy Man's legend...'1958, Legless visits women of Earth'. Fifty years ago men on Planet Hy Man became second class citizens. No longer needed for reproduction males have not been repopulated. The government, a group of women way beyond 'retirement age' are having a power struggle. Most everything is outlawed, except for this small group. Food is processed from hemp. There is now concern that Earth Might Decide to invade. Mex, a warrior, also close to retirement, and her android, Pete, are sent on a spy mission. To Earth. They first meet Woody, a sci fi fan. The three heroes of this extravagant laugh out loud tale encounter one bumbling mishap after another. Mex resembles a muscular granny in a leather cat suit with utility belt. Her trusty weapon, a whip. Pete made of Teflon so flexible, he resembles a golden yoga master. Woody, a camo wearing dwarf with dreadlocks. How much trouble can be caused/found ?!? Oh So Entertainingly Much !¡! Head scratching, tongue in cheek, in your face, gaffe wonderment. I received this book as an ARC. I am voluntarily posting this review. So glad this will be a series !!!

About the Author

Kerrie Noor was born in Melbourne Australia but has spent most of her adult life in Scotland.

She has in the past been a regular on Community Radio, taught and performed Belly dancing, ‘done’ a little stand up, performed as a story teller and appeared at the Edinburgh Festival. She has had one radio script performed on BBC Scotland and has been short listed for the Ashram short story award.

She writes both Sci fi comedy and romantic comedy with, as she puts it, full bodied characters and a twist at the end.