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The Rise Of Manifesto The Great

A Sc Fi Comedy Where Women Wear The Trousers

by Kerrie Noor

Manifesto the Great comes from a dynasty of leaders who treat women like breeding machines. When his father dies, he must take over as leader, but will he be able to keep control of the women?

Planet Hy Man is a planet as pure as a baby’s belly button until a spaceship arrives; a spaceship full of men and women who have spent a lifetime of celibacy. Sex, like roast chicken and football being off the menu until a planet was found. 

They hurl themselves into a frenzy of real meat, real air, and sex until a leader emerges to create order, civilization and a sewage system.

Manifesto the Great watches as his forefathers pollute the planet, treat women as walking wombs, and make dodgie robots until it is his turn. 

Will he rise over the tidal wave of discontented women, or will he drown under a sea of underwire and oestrogen?

The Rise Of Manifesto The Great is the first of three prequels to the Planet Hy Man science-fiction comedy series. If you like high-mileage heroines, fast-paced satire, and meticulously crafted universes, then you’ll love Kerrie Noor’s otherworldly farce. 

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Tropes: Benevolent Aliens, Clones, Cross-Species Friendships, Dystopian Governments, Fish Out of Water, Galactic Civilization, Library of Secrets, Reluctant Hero, Wise Mentor

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters


About the Author

Kerrie Noor was born in Melbourne Australia but has spent most of her adult life in Scotland.

She has in the past been a regular on Community Radio, taught and performed Belly dancing, ‘done’ a little stand up, performed as a story teller and appeared at the Edinburgh Festival. She has had one radio script performed on BBC Scotland and has been short listed for the Ashram short story award.

She writes both Sci fi comedy and romantic comedy with, as she puts it, full bodied characters and a twist at the end.