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The Donovan Destiny

by Xanxa Symanah

Second of the Vyrdigaan Prophecies, telling the back-story of Caratacuus Helvellyan.

The Leesthern Enclave is a place of strict discipline, where adults and children spend most of their time segregated. Ten year old Caratacuus has never accepted the division. His frequent forays into the adults-only zones earn him tough punishments from the Elders and ridicule from his peers.

A visiting sorcerer from another enclave provides Caratacuus with a tantalising glimpse into a different and more relaxed way of life. His decision to run away leads him on a voyage of self-discovery.

Throughout his travels, he faces many challenges but he never wavers from his ultimate goal — to join the prestigious and experimental Donovan Institute.

Follow him on his journey and share his adventures as he grows from a naïve dreamer into a worldly and accomplished man of action.

Publisher: Symanah Publishing
Tropes: Band of Brothers/Sisters, Chosen One, Conspiracy, Evolving Powers, Fellowship, Fish Out of Water, Found Family, Library of Secrets, Powerful Artifact, Prophesy, Psionic Powers, Reluctant Hero, Roguish Thief, Secret Society, Time Travel, Training, Wise Mentor

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters


Excitement welled within him while he waited in the little study room for his first personal alchemy lesson.  Zylaaznyk 205 had been assigned to teach him.  Wanting to make a good impression, he practised a few of his favourite shifts in readiness for the lesson — his grandmother, Docentus Wythreuil and Jespyr.  The tryllerii helped him achieve the shifts with less effort, allowing him to maintain the forms for longer and to shift between the three without needing to return to his original appearance.


Sensing the imminent translocation, he shifted back into himself.  A shimmering silver mist appeared in the doorway, resolving into the form of a tall elegant woman.  Unlike everyone else he had seen at the base, she wore no tryllerii.  Her white hair almost reached to the floor.



Trying not to show his shocked reaction at seeing her unveiled, he went into a deep formal double bow.  “Greetings, Zylaaznyk 205.  Tis a pleasure to meet you”.  “No doubt” she replied, radiating sarcasm.  “No doubt you’ll promise to work hard and be a good student.  Telling me all the things you think I’d like to hear.  So tedious.  So predictable.  Be there no rebellious students left in the universe?”


“In my old life I was considered rebellious” he blurted.  “I often got into trouble for it”.  He paused, regretting his undisciplined outburst.  “But I won’t be like that here.  I’ve learned to respect the rules instead of breaking them.  I’ve made a promise to myself and to the Founder that I’ll try to be a better person in future”.


“Lies” she breathed.  “All of it.  Such sweet little lies you tell.  They slip off your tongue like the finest verazhynde, casting illusions and sowing confusion.  But I can smell them”.  She flared her nostrils and gave an exaggerated sniff.  “I can taste them”.  Her blue-painted lips parted and her tongue slid out.  “I can read you like an open book, Caratacuus Helvellyan”.


Realisation came to him in a hot uncomfortable flash.  “Vyagei” he ventured.  “You be Vyagei.  Only someone with a Vyagite bond can tell the difference between truth and lies without a mind-merge”.  She inclined her head and her lips curved into a cold cruel smile.  “Correct.  Though not an official Truth Tester.  Not a revered prophet.  Only a humble servant of our noble Order.  An educator of future humble servants.  I’ve never donned the midnight-blue.  I’ve never stood in a courtroom or delivered a prophetic vision”.


About the Author

Sarah Xanxa Wallace (AKA Xanxa Symanah and Xanxa Raggatt) has always been involved in creative writing. In fact, before she learned to read and write, she would make up stories, telling them to anyone who would listen, or simply reciting them to herself when she lacked an audience.

She is also a poet, having had some of her poetry published in an anthology which was brought out by a Brasilian University publishing house. Some of her poems have also featured on drug abuse awareness websites, youth club websites and other creative communities online.

Her main areas of work are epic and urban fantasy. She has written seven fantasy novels with the collective title The Virian Chronicles and is currently working on offshoot novels collectively entitled The Virian Companions and The Vyrdigaan Prophecies. She has also written one detective novel and published a collection of her dark poetry.

She is married to the home-based progressive rock musician Ian Vincent Wallace (formerly Ian Raggatt) and she wrote a novella to accompany one of his albums, The Presence, telling the story of the concept in her own words. The novella was distributed with the first batch of CDs released but is now only available in ebook format.

Besides creative writing, she has a keen interest in fantasy and science-fiction movies and TV shows, travel, languages and music.