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Writer Fuel: Your Doppelgänger Doesn’t Just Look Like You — They Act Like You Too

doppleganger study
Photographs of four unrelated lookalike pairs included in the study. (Image credit: François Brunelle)

Somewhere out there, there’s probably a person who has your face. And this unrelated look-alike may have more in common with you than appearances, a new study suggests.

The surprising research, based on 32 pairs of unrelated doppelgängers from around the world, shows that two people who have a strong facial similarity to each other are also likelier to share significantly more of their genes and be more likely to share similar behaviors; but the genes that get switched on or off, and the microbial ecosystems in the two people’s bodies, still differ.

These “virtual twins” had never met and were instead recruited thanks to the work of Canadian artist and photographer François Brunelle, who had been collecting pictures of look-alikes since 1999. The researchers published their findings Aug. 23 in the journal Cell Reports.

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