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Farryn’s War

by Christie Meierz

Farryn's War - Christie Meierz
Part of the Exiles of the Drift series:
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 3.99Paperback - First Edition: $ 14.99
ISBN: 1516892127
Size: 5.20 x 8.00 in
Pages: 330

Exiled Tolari ruler turned hired assassin, Farryn never stops plotting revenge on his home planet while building a criminal empire on the human colony world of Far India. But when his former wife dares to follow him into human space and attracts the attention of Earth Central Security, Farryn is forced to choose between hatred and love, ambition and heart’s desire.

Described by Kirkus Reviews as "a solid entry for readers craving new, original space operas," Farryn's War promises to thrill fans of science fiction and romance alike in this first book of a new series by award-winning author Christie Meierz.

Publisher: Independently Published
Cover Artists:
Tropes: Antihero, Dystopian Governments, FTL
Word Count: 89000
Setting: Far India, Britannia, Tau Ceti Station
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters
Tropes: Antihero, Dystopian Governments, FTL
Word Count: 89000
Setting: Far India, Britannia, Tau Ceti Station
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters
Reviews:on Kirkus Reviews:

An alien woman tries to track down her former lover in the first installment of Meierz’s (The Fall, 2015, etc.) new Exiles of the Drift series, set in the same universe as the Tales of Tolari Space.

Farryn, who belongs to an empathic race known as the Tolari, once ruthlessly ruled over the province of Monralar. Before this chapter in the ongoing saga, however, he fled and was exiled from his people for what he considered a just cause that manifested in his killing a “child for political advantage.” Now, as the head of a new crime family, he lives among humans in one of their planetary colonies of Far India. Meanwhile, Farryn’s former “pair-bonded” lover, Sharana, who had tried to put their past behind her, finds herself drawn to discovering what happened to him, leading her to track him down. Not long after her quest begins, however, she is captured by Adeline Russell, a Central Security officer trying to trap Farryn. Adeline has Sharana tortured in order to get information on Farryn, using her as a pawn to go after the actual target. There is a great deal to praise about Meierz’s novel, which, in addition to remarkable prose, centers on richly drawn characters in a beautifully detailed world. The conceit of Earth’s future based around Indian and Hindi culture is a refreshing one, given the American/Eurocentric bent to most sci-fi. Additionally, Farryn makes for a fascinating antihero. Readers might be surprised to find themselves equally drawn to and repelled by his and Sharana’s love story. At the same time, the novel is not particularly welcoming to new readers. They’ll be able to follow the basic gist, but intricacies of the political situation will likely be lost on those who haven’t read the preceding series. Furthermore, after a thrilling opening, Sharana spends the majority of the novel imprisoned and victimized—a disappointing fate for a female character with such potential.

Not without its flaws but a solid entry for readers craving new, original space operas.

About the Author

Award-winning author Christie Meierz writes space opera and science fiction romance set on a world of empaths at the edge of a dystopic human empire. Her published works include her PRISM award-winning debut novel, The Marann, and three more novels set in Tolari space. She is a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA), spent 10 years raising sheep in Broome County, New York, and has been declared capable of learning Yup’ik.

Christie now lives in Rochester, NY, where she and her mathematician husband serve as full-time staff to two parlor panthers known to humans as Banichi the Assassin and Miss Myrtle the Hurricane Cat. (Their true names remain a mystery). When she’s not writing, she writes about writing on her blog (below), her personal Facebook page, where she welcomes comments and friend requests, and her Facebook Author Page.