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Forsaken, Fantastic!

Tales of the Future

by David Rose

A mordant, smirking collection; rife with life in a grim future Florida, notions of Christianity and its cousin Satanism—spies, mercenaries, magic, asteroid-belt drillers, and above all else, a universe bent forever by the powers of pleasure and pain.

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Jon Brayden looked over the report one more time. Not much to go off, just a grieving family's request, photos of a drilled-out tunnel, half a page about the miner's gruesome death, and a copy of Dobshire Drilling's peculiar denial to launch their own investigation. He squinted as orange lights flashed overhead, signifying their ship's entry into Ceres's freezing exosphere--and the first foreign "planet" he'd be stepping foot on.

About the Author

David Rose is a former Recon Marine and philosophy grad of the London School of Economics. A zealot of the weird, Rose's dark fantasy includes Amden Bog, The Scrolls of Sin, essays in S.T. Joshi's Penumbra journal, and most recently Lovecraft's Iraq - an action-packed novella showcasing Rose's time overseas and too many nights reading dear Howard's canon. He lives in Orlando, Florida. Rose is an active HWA and SFWA member, and a bit of a scholar on ghouls.