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Perishables - Michael G. Williams
ISBN: 1946926094

“Stephen Colbert meets Stephen King” - Book Nerd’s Brain Candy
Winner of the 2012 Laine Cunningham Award!
Withrow Surrett is more than just his neighborhood’s resident curmudgeon: he's also the self-declared vampire lord of North Carolina. Across the state, Jennifer McCordy is a genius stuck in a dead-end job.
When the dead rise, which will Withrow’s neighbors find worse: the monsters outside or the vampire who might be their only hope?
When Jennifer takes matters in hand, will the people around her trust her competence or surrender to their own prejudices?
And when they meet, will anything survive?
Perishables is a novel in three parts, telling the story of reclusive vampires, reluctant heroes, questionable potlucks, late-night electronics sales, retail hell, unexpected friendships, and post-apocalyptic recipes. It’s sometimes funny, sometimes deadly serious, and utterly original!

Fans of The Black Knight Chronicles, The Tome of Bill, and Fred, the Vampire Accountant will love this series.