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The Daedal Pit: Sister Seekers 3

A Polyamorous Dark Epic Fantasy

by A.S. Etaski

I've embraced bonds I've never known with the Red Sisters, even as I risk condemnation for a secret I keep. A talent unique among Dark Elves and too much like our enemies.

Hard at play in the wild underground tunnels outside of my city, I discover a magic-laden passage guarded by a twisted Drider. Though I escape with my life, the Sisterhood cannot deny my presence in this forbidden lair. The Priestesses and the Valsharess must be informed.

I am caught in the cascades of revelations which follow. Cruel practices and centuries-old terrors arise when I am called to serve the Priestess Wilsira and her demon-blooded son. I am not the first to confront the true faces governing the city or the consuming power of the Sanctuary, but my hidden talent reveals blind spots ignored by my elders, vulnerable and venomous at once.

Can I pay the costs when weighing my submission with resistance? Will I choose my battles well, aiding my Sisters to alter the Matriarchy in our favor over the Priesthood? Or will trying see me fall prey to the hungers of the city's worst monstrosities like so many young fighters before me?

In The Daedal Pit, intrigue and horror, action, and drama weave Etaski's third act of the Spider Queen's web into a consummation of promise catapulting one determined survivor to a place she could only see in her dreams.

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Tropes: Band of Brothers/Sisters, Conspiracy, Dark Enemy, Death by Sex, Enemy to Ally, Evolving Powers, Found Family, Here Comes the Cavalry, Hunted, Lucky Novice, Magic Talisman, Psionic Powers, Sex Magic, Training, Waiting/Sleeping Evil, Wise Mentor

Setting: underground elven city

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters


D’Shea smiled calmly at me.  "It is not your place to demand your answers before I get mine, Red Sister.  This is your only warning."

I quivered with that old, habitual sense of threat, of secrecy, when I could not speak of what Jilrina was doing if I tried.  It was ridiculous to think I could squeeze information or distract my Elder from this, yet I was tempted.

I glanced at Reishel, though I didn’t know why or what I sought.

"You’re my Sister," she said in reassurance.  "Our Elder has been watching my family, too.  She has good reason to choose and protect us.  Tell her.  Tell us.  Speaking it will lift some weight, helping us all succeed."

If by succeeding, she meant surviving.


"Nothing which has defined your life began with you, Sirana," D’Shea said.  "Too many Nobles choose to think so, and that is why they are so easy to control.  I must know the real reason Jilrina died.  You are capable of speaking it now, and you will."

Reviews:Eris Adderly on GoodReads wrote:

The Daedal Pit is a pulse-quickening crescendo to the end of a brilliant first act in the Sister Seekers series. The ending left the hairs on my arms standing for the exciting and expansive way the book promises a segue into the next (and even larger, richer) part of the epic. The word-building in this series is fractally detailed: the closer you examine it, the more details you keep finding.

These are books that you will 100% want to re-read after you've completed the series once, all the way through, just so you can pick up all the hidden gems of foreshadowing, the web of connections you were too excited to notice the first time. I'm excited for each new release in this series; it's like an event. I bow to the master.

About the Author

Etaski writes adult epic fantasy with an ever-expanding scope. She enjoys Dark Elves, Dragons & Necromancers, and has been writing for mature lovers of Sci-Fi/Fantasy for fifteen years. She has scores of books waiting to get out.

She began Sister Seekers nine years ago on Literotica, not knowing how far it would go. She is now improving and publishing the entire epic with the support of her long-time fans, plus writing the next one, The God Wars, for patrons of Patreon.

Her most inspiring epic stories are Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Wendy Pini's ElfQuest, Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince, and J. Michael Straczynski's Babylon 5.