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The Mark of Gold: Sister Seekers 6

A Polyamorous Dark Epic Fantasy

by A.S. Etaski

I escape into a twisted wilderness with a stolen relic protecting me from madness. Behind me is the mysterious stalker from across the plains. He’s caught up to us.

My sisters are out there somewhere out, and my unborn is here with me. Struggling to tell guardians from beguilers on a warped battlefield, I worry for all our fates. Somehow, I must bear the terrifying risk of bargaining with Surfacers in ways which ensure enslavement back home.

No Red Sister can give up her mission when compelled by her Queen to see it through. Surrounded by allies and enemies alike seeking to influence the only free Davrin Elf on the Surface, I must relearn my limits when confronted by those who have none.

The true scope of Etaski's saga arises in The Mark of Gold. Tangible peril meets cryptic visions, forcing a driven few to redefine what it takes to break the shackles of compulsion and forge them as bonds of loyalty.

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Tropes: Astral Projection, Band of Misfits, Becoming a Monster, Beyond the Grave Communication, Big Sword, Conspiracy, Cross-Species Friendships, Dark Enemy, Demonic Possession, Enemy to Ally, Evolving Powers, Found Family, Here Comes the Cavalry, Hunted, Lucky Novice, Magic Talisman, Mirror Shows True Self, Powerful Artifact, Pseudo European Society, Psionic Powers, Quest, Redemption Arc, Secret Society, Sex Magic, Vengeful Spirit, Wise Mentor

Setting: wilderness, sailing, port city

Languages Available: English

Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters


I can't.

I couldn't offer him the payment he wanted. The relic was non-negotiable, and I could not hand over to a fourth, powerful male this goddess-damned red stone which had been used so many times against me.

Yet I had nothing else of worth to a mercenary. Neither did Gavin. Did Rithal have coin? Could it be enough to shift that avaricious stare away from these dangerous, stolen items?

*Do not bargain with him,* hissed the relic. *His words are binding!*

"I-I, uh," I stammered, as the large beast chanced to look away from me, estimating how much time we had before being overrun.

The creature's eyes weren't demonic yellow as was familiar to me. They were metallic gold, their sheen as I'd seen recently. Like…

            ~What do I see now?~

            *Nothing. He is nothing.*


            ~A far cry from 'binding' a moment ago. Are you afraid, demon?~

            *As you should be!*

            ~I see no way to make him leave and survive the warp rot.~


The fighter looked at me, his hood bowing open enough to glimpse a large, pointed ear.

I blinked. "Take down your hood, mercenary."

The hunter smirked at me, his gaze steady and unblinking. He glanced at Gavin, who was searching a corpse, then rumbled, "The corrupted come now, Baenar. I can lead two of you to the center and help purge it. Again, what will you pay?"

Reviews:Ashley Billman on Goodreads wrote:

Etaski back at it again!

Another wonderful trip to the world created by A.S. Etaski. The author has weaved many layers of character development, world building, and mythology creation into one very enjoyable narrative. There are many mysteries yet to uncover and I can’t wait to see them through. I loved getting to spend time with Sirana and the Deathwalker again. It was a real pleasure to see Sirana’s strengths as a fighter and as a “schemer” in this novel. She’s one of my favorite protagonists and I’m excited to see where her journey is heading.

About the Author

Etaski writes adult epic fantasy with an ever-expanding scope. She enjoys Dark Elves, Dragons & Necromancers, and has been writing for mature lovers of Sci-Fi/Fantasy for fifteen years. She has scores of books waiting to get out.

She began Sister Seekers nine years ago on Literotica, not knowing how far it would go. She is now improving and publishing the entire epic with the support of her long-time fans, plus writing the next one, The God Wars, for patrons of Patreon.

Her most inspiring epic stories are Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Wendy Pini's ElfQuest, Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince, and J. Michael Straczynski's Babylon 5.