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The Hallowed Bloodline: Resurgence

by M. Jay Williams

Resurgence - M. Jay Williams - The Hallowed Bloodline
Editions:Paperback: $ 14.98
ISBN: 979-8849021775
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 373
Kindle: $ 4.99
ISBN: 979-8849021775
Pages: 365

NEIMUS GRUNDLY TAKES the reigns and becomes the new alpha of an elite order of werewolves. His first day on the job isn’t going so well. He has to deal with his hybrid wolf problem, the werecats, angry witches, and the moral decline amongst his subordinates.

Oliver Grimes, one of his wolves, has discovered a way to gift magic. After bestowing himself with powers, Oliver can now create hybrid werewolves with a single bite, putting the pedigree of the pack in jeopardy. Thereby forcing Neimus to call upon the pack physician, who has been separated from the pack for 950 years, to help rid them of hybrid werewolves.

In conjunction, Neimus has to walk a fine line with Phelan, the alpha of the werecats, with whom they are on the verge of war. The werecats attacks are more frequent and deadly, but Neimus fears the growing threat of the witches the most. He is thrust into uncharted territory. He must find a way to safely get his pack through these trying times. A challenge he isn’t sure he can manage.

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Quinten sighed relief when the men’s screaming and yelling finally stopped. He couldn’t help but remember his experience of learning the supernatural world existed, and that all too painful bite, which he had to endure twice. “Those poor men must be terrified. Thank you for being gentle when you sired me.” Quinten said gratefully, and he lunged at Oliver and hugged him tightly.

“You nearly wet yourself when I turned into a werewolf. Can you imagine what it would be like if you had no idea who I was before seeing me turn?” Oliver queried. He had nothing but sympathy for the men down the hall. He grasped Quinten’s hand and gave it a squeeze.


“I would have been terrified just like they were.” Quinten squeezed Oliver’s hand in return. “I hope they don’t put them in a cell like this when they are through. It’s creepy being in a cell without windows. You werewolves really know how to make a prisoner feel isolated.” Quinten grumbled, then wrapped his hands around Oliver’s warm arms as he embraced him.

“This is much more than a jail cell. This is what we call a deprivation cell. You haven’t felt the effects yet because we haven’t been here that long, but after a few months, we would both grow weak and eventually die because we couldn’t feel the full moon’s effects.” Oliver explained.

“There was no full moon the other night when you bit me, and you still turned into a full-fledged werewolf.” Quinten reminded him.

“That’s true, but I can control my transformations, moon or no moon, but we all need to feel the moonlight on the skin. It gives us energy. Think of it like when humans get vitamin D from natural sunlight. Moonlight is as essential to us as vitamin D is to them.” Oliver explained and nuzzled his chin against Quinten’s neck.

“How long does that take before we die?” Quinten asked. Oliver embraced him a little tighter.

“A slow withering death won’t be our issue, no sir. We’re more likely to grow feral and try to kill each other.” Oliver sighed. “I would relish a slow lingering death, but I doubt neither one of us would last more than a few months,” Oliver said.

“Why would Neimus put us in here? You think he suspects you’re lying?” Quinten feared the worse.

“No, I think he bought my story,” Oliver whispered. “I think the issue here is that I turned you without permission, which goes against our prime rule. I think the only reason Neimus was unaware that I turned you was because he is new to being the alpha and emotionally overwhelmed.” Oliver expressed and rested his head on Quinten’s shoulder blade.

“I can’t imagine what he is feeling now,” Quinten said sadly. He let his back relax and snuggle against Oliver’s chest. “It’s so remarkable that he was able to find another gay man back in the 11th century. That must have been unheard of back then.” Quinten said quietly. He was surprised by how calm he felt in Oliver’s arms. He felt no harm could or would happen to him as long as Oliver was around.

“I don’t think that Neimus was necessarily gay. Most of the men we sire aren’t. We just happened to luck out in that department.” Oliver declared.

“Well, how does that work if the person you sire isn’t gay?” Quinten asked him.

“It’s the bite. If they is biological compatibility, then the progenitor’s genetic material infuses with his progeny’s. Giving him the ability to transform into a werewolf. The progeny develops intense feelings stronger than love for his progenitor. After that, there is an unbreakable bond between the two men. The zeta-cub develops a strong sexual yearning for his maker. He would do anything to satisfy his maker.” Oliver explained.


About the Author

I was born and raised in Southern New England. I have an interest in history. I am a college graduate, with a bachelor's degree in fine arts. The Hallowed Bloodline series started as a simple question in the back of my mind. I wondered if I was somehow thrown back in time would I consider changing the past?