REVIEW: Shafter – Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Shafter - Margaret McGaffey Fisk

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Space Opera, Young Adult Reviewer: HL Get It On Amazon About The Book Born in the abandoned subway shafts beneath First City, Trina measures life in the coin she steals from her wealthy father’s people living above. She gives little weight to her dying mother’s fairy tales about how her father … Read more

REVIEW: Kitra – Gideon Marcus

Kitra - Gideon Marcus

Genre: Sci Fi, Young Adult Reviewer: SI Get It On Amazon About The Book Stranded in space: no fuel, no way home…and no one coming to help. Nineteen-year-old Kitra Yilmaz dreams of traveling the galaxy like her Ambassador mother. But soaring in her glider is the closest she can get to touching the stars–until she … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Foxfire in the Snow – J.S. Fields

Foxfire in the Snow - J.S. Fields

J.S. Fields has a new lesfic fantasy (lesbian/non-binary) out: Foxfire in the Snow. And there’s a giveaway! Born the heir of a master woodcutter in a queendom defined by guilds and matrilineal inheritance, nonbinary Sorin can’t quite seem to find their place. At seventeen, an opportunity to attend an alchemical guild fair and secure an … Read more

REVIEW: Futures, Friends, and Other Firsts – Amara Lynn

Futures, Friends, And Other Firsts - Amara Lynn

Genre: Sci-Fi Reviewer: Scott Get It On Amazon About The Book Sallon Lee is quiet, shy, and has no friends. They have no idea what they want for their future on the space station in which they live. But they do know one thing: they have a huge crush on Ignis. The problem is, Ignis … Read more

REVIEW: Between the Water and the Woods – Simone Snaith

Between the Water and the Woods - Simone Snaith

Genre: YA, Fantasy, Steampunk Reviewer: Lee Get It On Amazon | Publisher | B&N About The Book Emeline’s quiet village has three important rules: Don’t look at the shadows. Don’t cross the river. And don’t enter the forest.  An illustrated fantasy filled with beauty and power, Between the Water and the Woods sweeps you into a world where forests are hungry; knights … Read more

REVIEW: The Cursed Crown – Matthew S. Cox

The Cursed Crown - Matthew S. Cox

Genre: YA, Fantasy Reviewer: H.L. Get It On Amazon About The Book In the wake of a twenty-year war, the people of Lucernia struggle to believe their former enemies aren’t demon-loving savages. However, that’s easy compared to the more alarming change: accepting their nation now has two queens. Many citizens in a land devoted to … Read more

REVIEW: The Eldritch Heart – Matthew S. Cox

The Eldritch Heart - Matthew S. Cox

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult Reviewer: H.L. Get It At Amazon About The Book Princess Oona Talomir enjoys the little things that come with her station: a handmaiden, her lavish bedchamber, and scores of fancy dresses―the duty to win a decades’ long war, not so much. Oh, did I mention assassins? Seers foretold the conflict would … Read more